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Post  AllisonXD on Wed Aug 25, 2010 2:48 pm

When we actually have subscribers, we could possibly use this... I wrote it a long time ago for TBNS.

TK.mov Possible Advertisement

1: Hello and welcome to ThoseKids.mov!
2: Don’t sound too happy…. It scares the audience.
1: Whatever. We need to appeal to the overall audience, and we can’t if you just sit there being depressed all day.
2: (Angered) I am not depressed! Just not crazy happy like you are.
1: Thank you for the compliment. Anyways, we want to talk to all of you. (Points at screen) because without you, TK.mov would be nothing!
3: Hey! What about me!? Without me, you’d be nothing.
4: To further correct your sentence, you referred to TK.mov being ‘you’ not referring to yourself. You should say ‘we’d’ because you’re equally apart of ThoseKids.mov. In fact, it’s not just us who are involved with the videos; it’s actually all the people watching our videos. They are all apart of TK.mov, too.
3: So, you’re saying TK.mov needs me?
4: Of course! We need everyone involved with our videos at some point in time.
2: How can you people be so happy?! It infects those watching this video right now!
1: Actually, people enjoy happiness.
2: Oh really? I want to bet on that!
1: You wanna go?
2: More than ever! (Takes out a deck of cards, and deals it out) 3 aces.
1: B.S!!
2: No!!! (Scene fades and shifts to that of 3 and 4)
3: Anyways, we just wanted to thank all of our viewers out there, whoever you might be.
4: (Clears throat) To be more precise, all of you viewers, and anyone who has helped out at all, especially parents for driving us from place to place, are very much appreciated for all their efforts. Thank you!
3: You just stole my spotlight, my chance to end the show! How dare you?!
4: Not my fault. You didn’t thank everyone who needed to be thanked.
3: Well, you… (fades out) Please be sure to like, comment, and subscribe!
1: This has been ThoseKids.mov!

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