EPIC Movie Intro and Character Realizations (Explained in this)

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EPIC Movie Intro and Character Realizations (Explained in this)

Post  AllisonXD on Wed Aug 25, 2010 3:44 pm

Beginning to EPIC Movie Version

“It is believed that we are not the only form of ourselves. There are separate worlds with other versions of us. Maybe in another world, we live upside down. Maybe in another world, you don’t exist. These worlds are called parallel worlds. It is also believed that people can travel from world to world if needed. In a separate world from ours, global warming is also occurring. Green the House Effect has almost seized complete control on it, and the world will turn to chaos. But there is one person who can save us. And she is from a different world…”
Oen’s first appearance…
(A girl is in her room sleeping. She wakes up and warily looks at the clock. After about two seconds, she realizes that she’s late, jumps out of bed, and runs out the door. Then a new shot of her walking out is showed. She runs through the house, into the kitchen, and out the door. As she’s running through the driveway, a strange aura appears around her, and she slowly fades into thin air)
Girl’s first appearance…
(Another girl is in a different house, sleeping. She wakes up and warily looks at the clock. After about two seconds, she falls back into the bed and goes to sleep. An aura appears around her, and she slowly fades into thin air)
(Scene shifts to Oen running while fading into a backyard to the woods. She shows down and looks around, finally sitting down)
Narr: Hello. (Oen continues to sit there, but looks around in question)
I’m talking to you!
Oen: Who, what me? Dad?!
Narr: Yes. And you are the one. You are going to save this world from global warming.
Oen: What?!! But… but… I’m nobody! (Continues the way Episode 1 normally does)

Character Realizations (I’ll explain right now. The people in EPIC are from two different worlds. GTHE, Master Shifu, O, and H are all from the world EPIC takes place in. Everyone else is from our world. And yes, it’d be as if that actually happened, everyone recognizes each other, unless they’re infected by the nerf gun. Therefore, everyone eventually recognizes each other. The following are parts when people recognize each other)

Episode 3- Oen recognizes Girl

(Girl takes off mask as she’s talking)
Oen: Allison?! You’re the Girl? I should’ve known! How come you never said anything? It’s not like I have a mask on the hide my identity…
Girl: You see, Q told me that he had found ‘the one’ a while back. I had no idea you were ‘the one’, but then he told me.
Oen: Why didn’t you ever tell me, though?
Girl: It was best that you didn’t know until now. Anyways, you will find that they took people from our school, changed them into bad guys, and took them to this world. Actually, all of them are our friends.
Oen: What?! Like who?
Girl: Hmmm… Taylor, Annie, Holly, and Tristan.
Oen: You mean we have to fight them?
Girl: (Nods) But we have our own new identities in this world. They are changed. And I don’t know if they can be changed back. Unfortunately. But due to this, don’t call me Allison. Call me Girl. And I call you Oen, no Grace. \
Oen: Okay. And how did you know who everyone was?
Girl: I, just like you, have powers. That is my power. I can sense when people enter and leave worlds I’m in, that sort of stuff.
Q: I think it’s about time we headed to O in the Zone and Hybrid Car. You still remember the way, right?
Girl: Yeah, I remember. (Continue with episode 3)

I was too lazy to write more of the introductions... they're quite difficult to squish into episodes and make sense at the same time. Anyways, since we're not doing it anymore, there's no need for me to write them. Unless anyone's especially curious about when certain bad guys turn back to normal, and what happens when they realize they've been fighting people they've known.

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